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How to Build a Successful Seminar

For organization members who asked to hold a seminar.  There are some steps to help you to ensure good planning for your seminar. These steps are able guide you to avoid confusing in running seminar. Here some simple steps that you won’t missed it one.

  1. Decide on a Seminar Theme.  Seminars with a theme tend to draw more participants than a potpourri of topics.  Themes might be – Negotiating the Permit Process, Biological Nutrient Removal, Emerging Technologies, or Case Studies in Plant Start-up.
  1. Find Qualified Speakers.

Get speakers from a variety of sources relevent to the seminar theme.

  1. Find a Place to Hold the Seminar. 

Target locations for seminars will be assigned by the Chair and Vice-Chair.

    4. Book the Location and a Caterer.

For booking purposes, assume the highest number of participants, speakers and organizing committee.

  1. Contact Your Selected Speakers and Asking them Readiness

Contact your selected speakers by phone or e-mail and invite them to speak.  Be specific about the seminar theme, location, date and time, who the target audience will be, and that you consider them to be an expert in their field.  Let them know that if they commit to speaking, you expect them to send you copies of their presentations at least one week prior to the seminar.

Getting the presentations ahead of time is a good way to ensure that your speakers are prepared.  It will also allow you to print copies of presentations to give out to attendees.  Alternatively, you can ask each speaker to bring their own copies.

  1. Create a flyer to send out through the mail and request a mailing list(if necessary)

Spread your flyer to inform people about your seminar. Make an insteresting flyer to attract them involving in the seminar.

  1. Remaining your speakers.

You may send them a written invitation thanking them for volunteering. The written confirmation of time, date, and other details (such as a map to the location if needed) is appreciated by the speaker and goes a long way with their employers.

  1. Finalize the program and send the schedule with times on it to all of the speakers to review.

Adjust as necessary to accommodate individual speaker requests to be first, last, morning, afternoon, etc.

  1. Obtain brief biographies of each speaker.

Moderator should introduce speakers briefly in order to let participants know some information about the speakers.

  1. Sit back and wait for registrations to roll in.

Provide a place to be registration spot or inform participants clearly if they may register via email/mobile message

  1. Pick out thank you gifts for your speakers.

Speaker gifts should be something small and less expensive.

  1. About a week before the seminar, create sign-in sheets, agenda sheets, and copies of presentations to hand-out.
  1. One week before the seminar, follow-up with speakers to confirm details and to request electronic copies of their presentations.

If you’ve asked the speakers to provide handouts, let them know how many people have registered for the seminar.

  1. In the few days before the seminar:
  • Print copies of the attendee list with only their name and employer.  These lists can be handed out to anyone who asks for a list of the seminar attendees.  This helps speakers, attendees, and vendors get in touch with one another after the seminar.
  1. The Day of the Seminar:
  • Show up at the seminar location at least 15 minutes before attendees are expected to start signing in.
  • Check in with the caterer and location contact to confirm head counts.
  • Set-up AV equipment.
  • Sit at the sign-in desk to check people in.  Make sure they have paid and that they sign the registration sheet.  Each attendee must sign the registration sheet in the morning and again after lunch to receive their training unit certificate.  We are required by the State to keep records of the registration sheets on file.
  • Introduce yourself and each speaker.
  • Dispense hand-outs.
  • At the very end of the seminar, hand-out training unit certificates.  Do not give them out early or some attendees will leave without completing their training.


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